Automated doors for the healthcare sector

January 24, 2018

Easy access and security are universal requirements for hospital, clinic, or nursing home entrances. Regardless, every entrance has its own unique challenges, which often require an entrance solution that is tailored to fit.

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Three tips to avoid unnecessary damage to your dock leveler

January 19, 2018

Loading dock levelers help to boost productivity and improve safety at your loading bay. Designed for an area with high traffic and a fast turnaround of goods and vehicles, dock levelers are prone to a few knock and bumps. To minimize damage, here are three helpful tips to increase loading dock safety, and reduce the need for dock leveler repair.

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Logistics: what type of loading bay should you choose?

January 4, 2018

The type of goods your logistic centre handles directly influences the types of vehicle and loading equipment you use, and, in turn, the types of distribution vehicle, the type of goods and the processes you use will determine the type of loading bay you should have. Here, we discuss a few considerations you should take into account.

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Reduce noise exposure at your logistic centre

December 22, 2017

International Labor Standards on occupational health and safety state that the noise levels workers are exposed to each day must not exceed a certain number of decibels. This has placed noise level safety high on the agenda of many workplaces, and distribution centers are no exception. But with the right docking and entrance solutions, you can ensure that your workers are better protected from loud and prolonged noise exposure.

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