One dock leveler for every loading situation

August 25, 2020

If you work in distribution and logistics and deal with different types of goods, then you need versatile and functional loading bays. A key to this is a flexible and reliable dock leveler. Try a dock leveler with a telescopic lip, or as we call it, a teledock.

A telescopic lip dock leveler is efficient and easy to operate and will enhance your working processes. Easy operation means all your employees can operate it with minimal training, and if you add an integrated docking control system you can make the whole system even more efficient with one control for dock leveler, dock shelter and dock door.

Teledocks are built to move smoothly and efficiently, and the ergonomic lip of a teledock enhances the loading process as it ensures a clean connection between the leveler platform and the vehicle or trailer bed. This is what makes a teledock so versatile, it can facilitate the smooth transition from loading bay to most types of vehicles, for all types of goods.

A teledock is also robust, reliable, and easy to maintain. Thanks to hard-wearing parts, and strong cylinder support, potential interruptions are reduced and the risk of damage and injury is avoided. And if you have different needs, teledocks can be tailored to meet them, with heavy duty, upgrade replacements and loadhouse-suitable versions available. So if you are looking for a dock leveler to handle anything that gets delivered to your loading bay, check out a teledock.

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Our teledocks are built with great design and with additional innovative features. Hard-wearing components, extra strength and enhanced leveler guidance mean our range of teledocks are efficient, easy to operate and easy to maintain.