How can I customize my industrial doors?

December 12, 2017

A great door encourages the smooth flow of people and goods. It can also leave the right impression on clients and ensure an efficient production and distribution process. But a door doesn’t just have to be a door, you have the options to make your exterior overhead sectional doors to be just right – for you. You can customize your door to your precise specifications.  

Custom made for the right functionality

Ensure your customized specifications help your door function perfectly for you and your business.

  • Choose special automation – including remote control opening and closing
  • Choose LED bottom bars to show when the door is moving
  • Choose your opening speed – speeds ranging from 0.25 m/s to 1 m/s
  • Choose the right thickness of your door depending on the application area. Panel thickness ranges from 42mm to 70mm for optimal temperature control.

  • Choose to install windows  to increase daylight, or to see if a truck has parked outside

Custom made for the right aesthetics  

And it’s not only the functionality of your doors that you can customize. An overhead sectional door can also be configured to suit the look of your workplace.

  •  Choose to install windows – with glazing or metal mesh
  • Choose from a range of RAL colors – or specify your own custom color
  • Add your company’s logo or a sticker

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