Increase loading bay safety with docking accessories

December 12, 2018

At every loading bay there are two sides – inside the warehouse where packages and palettes are received and prepared and forklifts drive around, and outside the loading bay where docking takes place.

Loading bay safety can be enhanced both inside and outside of your building with a number of docking accessories.

Increase safety outside

Firstly, loading bay safety can be improved by setting up a docking procedure. This will mean that all personnel involved in loading and unloading  will have to follow a set method, minimizing the risk on unexpected accident or injury. 

Secondly, several tools can be used to enhance loading bay safety. Traffic light systems show when a truck can dock, when they are docked, and when they can drive off – so all personnel know the status of the docking procedure.

Restraint systems ranging from wheel chocks to hydraulic restraint systems can prevent the risk of premature drive off and accidental vehicle creep by firmly securing the truck in place during loading and unloading.

Dock-in light systems can be synchronized to the overhead door function. This signal helps to minimize potential damage caused by human error. Lights indicate to the driver when it’s safe to depart, thus boosting safety for both employees and goods. Sensors can also be used to control the door, sensing when it is safe for the doors to be open.

Enhance safety inside

Ensure staff are always safe when working on the dock leveler with an anti-slip layer on the surface and by installing good lighting around the loading bay. These measures improve loading bay safety as they help reduce the chance of staff falling, or having another accident as they work.

Ensure your dock leveler is the right length – it should go at least 100mm into the truck before settling on the truck bed. This means that even when heavy loads are being moved in and out the lip is safely inside the truck, minimizing the risk of a gap being created into which staff or machinery could fall.

Finally, keep your loading dock equipment well maintained. With regular service you can ensure that all safety standards are up to specification and that equipment meets manufacturer guidelines.