Are you optimizing the loading bays at your parcel distribution center?

May 7, 2020

Parcel distribution centers often rely on their delivery drivers to dock, load and distribute all their parcels. Ensuring that this process is as easy as possible is essential for encouraging efficiency and keeping costs down.

Maintaining comfortable environments for your workers is a good step to ensuring efficient processes. Preventing unnecessary exchange of air at your loading bays can ensure that a good indoor temperature is maintained. A van cushion shelter creates a tight seal around your loading bay entrances when vans are docked. This means workers are protected from draughts and the effects of outdoor temperatures throughout the loading operation. In addition, the effect of this tight seal can help you reduce energy costs by up to 50%.

Optimizing functionality at your loading bays is easy with a van cushion shelter. Loading is easy, both by hand or with a pallet truck or roll cage thanks to the removable bottom cushion. And the tight sealing further enhances functionality as it keeps most bad weather out and an optional rain protection roof can often be added so you can be sure that all adverse weather conditions stay outside.

Van cushion shelters are also durable and resilient, and greatly reduce the risk of damage during the docking process, so downtime is kept to a minimum. So, if you’re looking for ways to optimize loading bays at your parcel distribution center, something as simple as a van cushion shelter could be the answer.

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