What is an overhead sectional door?

June 29, 2018

An overhead sectional door (OHSD) is a door that opens upwards towards the ceiling – i.e. overhead – maximizing space around the door opening.

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Open up the doors to your store (but keep the heat inside)

June 20, 2018

You want every customer to feel invited. And what says “welcome” better than an open door? However, a store entrance with a big opening negatively affects the indoor climate, making life for staff unbearable. How can you get it right?

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Automatic sliding doors – the benefits

June 1, 2018

When choosing an automatic door for your pedestrian entrances it is important that they meet all your needs. So, here we take a look at the benefits of choosing an automatic sliding door system.

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Why should you service your dock leveler? 

May 15, 2018

Service is key so you can get  the most out of your dock leveler and ensure safe processes at all times. 

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