Even one injury at your loading bay is one too many

December 3, 2019

At loading bays, explicit risks and dangers are everywhere. In this often hectic environment, the potential for injuries or even fatal accidents is high. So high in fact, that it is estimated that 25% of industrial accidents occur at loading bays¹.

Identify the dangers and potential risk areas

Every loading bay has its own rhythm and operational challenges. There are the inherent risks, such as heavy vehicles, large loads, raised and uneven working surfaces, a fast pace, and limited visibility. Combined with variable risks such as changing weather conditions, fluctuating natural light, high noise levels that often require workers to wear hearing protection, and drivers who don’t speak the local language, the potential for human error increases significantly.

In these conditions, accidents are common. These include falls from the edge of the dock or through gaps between the dock and vehicle, and struck-by or caught-between injuries due to sudden vehicle movement or vehicle creep.

Minimize injuries and accidents with the right equipment and accessories

Wherever the risks are at your loading bay, there are a range of solutions to safeguard workers and minimize accidents. From docking control systems and safety zone buffers, to dock doors, levelers, restraint systems and docking bay accessories, the options and opportunities available to improve safety are many. With the constant back and forth of heavy vehicles, wear-and-tear on equipment is inevitable. To keep operations running smoothly, regular scheduled maintenance checks and a rapid response to any issues that may arise are crucial.

Establish a strong safety culture

To raise awareness and establish good habits, the following points can help you place safety at the forefront at your loading bay:

  • Train employees to correctly use equipment
  • Carry out risk assessments and develop safe work systems that are practiced and enforced
  • Display signs and posters around the loading bay to inform or warn visitors and workers of any risk hotspots

For more information about how to maximize safety at your loading bay, please visit assaabloyentrance.com


¹ https://www.ishn.com/articles/107356-slow-down-watch-out-know-the-facts-about-loading-dock-hazards