The complete guide for choosing an overhead door

March 5, 2021

Are you designing a building with overhead doors? We have created a guide with everything you need to consider in order to deliver on your project.

There are many aspects to consider when architects need to choose the suitable overhead sectional door. The intended use of the building and its future operations need to be a clear factor to ensure an optimum industrial door will be installed and that future user needs are satisfied.

With often heavy equipment travelling through these doors, and with people having the ultimate responsibility of handling them, the door needs to be reliable and compliant to ensure the safety of both people and goods. Loading bay areas is one place where accidents often occurs and it is therefore crucial that the systems along with the loading dock equipment and the overhead door work seamlessly to improve safety and create the best proactive conditions for a safe work environment.

Read our guide on what to consider when designing a building with overhead doors:

Download the design guide here