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Reduce noise exposure at your logistic centre

December 22, 2017

International Labor Standards on occupational health and safety state that the noise levels workers are exposed to each day must not exceed a certain number of decibels. This has placed noise level safety high on the agenda of many workplaces, and distribution centers are no exception. But with the right docking and entrance solutions, you can ensure that your workers are better protected from loud and prolonged noise exposure.

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What is a dock leveller?

October 31, 2017

If you work in distribution and logistics then you’re likely to have come across a few dock levellers in your time. Quite simply, a dock leveller bridges the gap between a docked vehicle and the loading bay to ensure smooth and safe loading and unloading.

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Disabled access: building barrier free entrances

October 19, 2017

Barriers to access should not exclude people with disabilities from public life. Accessibility is arguably becoming one of the most important considerations in the construction of new buildings and in optimizing existing buildings, both from a functional and a legal perspective.

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