What is an overhead sectional door?

June 29, 2018

An overhead sectional door (OHSD) is a door that opens upwards towards the ceiling – i.e. overhead – maximizing space around the door opening.

The door consists of several interlinked panels, or sections, not just a single door leaf. These sectional panels are often made of steel or aluminum, and filled with PU rigid foam to insulate the building.

A key benefit of OHSDs is the flexibility they offer. Sizes range from very small all the way up to 8x8 meters, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Size isn’t the only flexible feature – there are also many additional options in terms of locking, remote controls and sensors.

OHSDs can be fitted with windows for increased daylight, or built-in frame varieties with filled or glazed sections. Similarly, if part of the door is damaged, you can replace individual panels rather than the entire door.

Whatever type of OHSD you choose there are a number of different paint finishes available.

Because you might not always need your door to open fully, OHSDs can be fitted with pass doors so personnel can pass through at any time. Pass doors can also be fitted next to the door, rather than in the door, if required.

Unique to OHSDs are the springs which enable the door to balance safely, so there’s no risk to the people and goods passing through. The springs also make the doors energy-efficient if they are electrically operated.

Opening and closing an OHSDs can be manual or automatic, depending on your needs. Find more information on industrial doors at assaabloyentrance.com.